The Raven Charter’s New Album: Reset

Last Saturday night, the Dallas Rock band The Raven Charter, hosted the album release show for their new album, “Reset”, at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum.  When Singer Garrett Bond and Guitarist Daniel Baskind were asked how excited they were about the album’s release, you could see the real joy in their faces.

“We are very excited. We put a lot of time and hard work,” Baskind said. “We are just ready to get this thing out there for sure.”

It took the band a few years to put Reset together.

“I say we started writing this full blown in 2013, and did our first pre-production at the end of 2013, and started recording this album in April of 2014,” Bond said.

When it came to recording album, the actual recording was a year and half.  However, the whole process took longer.

“All together it was a three year process,” Baskind said.

 Reset is fitting for the album title, since the band was looking for something new musically to share with their fans.  Bond said The Raven Charter use to be a concept band before him and current drummer Brian Christie came along.

“All the music they made were like a story,” he said. “This was going to be the first music we produced that wasn’t going to be in line with that.”

The band always gives listeners a variety in sound, even with Reset. You have one track like “No Direction” that is fast paced, then you have another like “See This Through,” which is a little softer.

This variety in sound is something the band strives to give their fans.

“It’s about connecting with a broader audience.  But it’s also about connecting with our existing audience in a lot of new ways” Baskind said.

You can order Reset from the web store on The Raven Charter’s website.  The album is also available on Google Play and Amazon. Soon you can purchase the album on iTunes and Spotify, too.

Also LIKE their official Facebook page to keep updated on all upcoming shows and releases.

-Charlie Vann @charlievann88


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