“London Has Fallen”, best 80’s Action movie Comedy spoof of 2015!

I just watched the trailer for the sequel to 2013 Olympus Has Fallen….London Has Fallen. I laughed so hard watching this trailer, it has every cheesy moment from bad 80’s and 90’s action films that started JCVD.

Lets start with the stupid plot that a man, who is on the 10 list of the badest badies ever, has killed several world leaders. They didn;t say why, but if I had to guess I would say…REVENGE!!!

Also after all the other leaders are killed, the bad guy calls America’s Leaders to tell them that if he does not give them The President he will blow up major cities. So let me get this, this guy doesn’t want missile or missile codes, or even money. He wants the President, and if they give him up cities and lives will not be harmed. GIVE HIM THE PRESIDENT! If he dies then Morgan Freedman becomes President, cough watch the trailer and you see he does. Morgan Freeman gives a TAKEN speech at the end of the trailer that is obviously the endning of the film, and since he is standing behind the Presidential seal, means he is the new President.

Also the whole line the President says about to kill him so he does not get captured, yeah that didn’t happen! We see him on a big screen getting torched. We also get three of the cheesy-est cheesy scenes you can put in an action film. When the bad guys tell the John McClane spoof that he is going to kill him, the 3rd rate McClane shoots back, “Should have brought more men then!” CUT TO THE INTO TO CSI: MIAMI.

Then we get Angela Bassett’s one lonely tear down her face…REALLY! Last, but the best part…right as the trailer ends we get a shot of Morgan Freeman saying, “Oh My God!” BOOM TITLE! CUE ME LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

I will not be seeing this movie….that’s all I have to say about that.


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