Spaghettiman, the hero for hire!


Last week I had the chance to watch the film Spaghettiman by Heckbender, which had a special 2 day screening at the 2016 Dallas International Film Festival.

This film tells the story of Clark, not Kent, (played by Ben Crutcher) who’s a slacker and lives with his best friend Dale (played by Winston Carter). Dale aspires to become a cop and fight crime, like the heroes he reads in comics. Clark on the other hand has little aspirations out side of making money, but only if he doesn’t have to try to hard to earn it.

Then one night Clark heated up a bowl of spaghetti in the microwave and something happens. The bowl of spaghetti absorbs the radiation, and when Clark takes a big bite of those noodles it changes him. Much like how the spider that bit Peter Parker have him spider-like powers, this radioactive bowel of noodles gives Clark the power of SPAGHETTI!

Not sure how to react to his new powers Clark wonders around town. He then stumbles upon a mugging, which at first he goes to back away. However after hearing the victims screams he grabs a brown grocery bag, punches two eye holes out, and stands up to the muggers. SPAGHETTIMAN IS BORN! He beats up and runs off the muggers. The man thanks Spaghettiman and asked how he could repay him. Its then that Clark gets an idea, what if he gets paid for saving people. CHA-CHING!


Clark gets on craigslist and buys a burner phone, so that way he can have people contact him for work. Soon Spaghettiman makes the news as a strange man saving people from crimes. He then teams up with a freelance photographer Anthony (played by Brand Rackley), who’s been filming Clark saving people and selling the footage to news stations. Clark calls Anthony when he has a job, Anthony films it, and they split the profit.


Directed by Mark Potts, who co-directed Cinema Six which played at DIFF 2012. Along with Mark the film is co-written by Ben, Winston and Brand.

I found myself laughing out loud numerous times, it takes a lot for me to “fall out of my seat” laugh at a movie of TV show. This film did it, and I hope that we do see a Spaghettiman sequel in the future. Ether that or a comic book or web series.

This is not a Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker spoof film, or even a Kick-Ass type superhero movie. This is a funny film that uses the superhero genre to its advantage. It’s not vulgar, its not crude, its a fast pace comedy with a indie vibe.

Check out the trailer for Spaghettiman:

Also watch WRA’s coverage of Spaghettiman at DIFF 2016:

-Bryant Varnell, varnellpictures



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