DIFF 2017: “Bomb City” Review


I just recently got to see Bomb City, a film by Jamie Brooks, which is based on the true crime story of Brian Deneke. Deneke, a 19 year old Punk Rocker in Amarillo, TX, was hit and killed by a 17- year old jock, Dustin Camp, back in 1997. It was a controversial case, with Camp getting by with just Vehicular Manslaughter. He was only sentenced to ten years of probation.

The film itself is very powerful, and shows the prejudice of a single group, which in this town, was the punk rockers – who were singled out and harassed by local jocks for their lifestyle.

Not to give too much away, because I think this is a must see film, I feel the tone of the film is set from the very beginning with a TV narration you hear playing in a pan shot through a home. The narration explains the Punk Rock movement: a movement that Deneke and his friends were very passionate about. However, another tone has a much stronger voice – indifference.

Dallas Observer

In Bomb City, you see how indifference can not only cause a divide within a community, but also tragedy. Deneke and his friends find themselves struggling to fit in, and face unfair mistreatment by the local police and physical altercations with the local jocks.

Dave Davis gives a strong performance as Brian. Every emotion you see from him seems very authentic. Glenn Moreshower, (24, Transformers), gives a pretty convincing performance as well as the Defense Attorney Cameron Wilson, who is trying to put up a strong case against the Punk Rock movement and questioning its motives.

I felt that the overall cast did a great job. Everyone’s performance, I thought, was memorable and stood out in their own way. The camera shots and editing were really good, too.

Amarillo Globe-News

Bomb City is an impactful film, and not to get too political, but it provides with a story that prejudices come in variations, that social intolerance can be damaging, and for Deneke’s family and friends, heartbreaking.

Bomb City is part of the Texas Competition at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival.

DIFF 2017 Red Carpet

Charlie Vann



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